ESEA/NCLB Conference 2016

I attended and presented at this year’s Illinois ESEA/NCLB conference.  As always I walked away with some new strategies to try and some new resources to delve into.  I was excited to present this year on one of my favorite topics, conferring during writing workshop.

IMG_2799As promised to those in attendance, you will find the link to the presentation below.

NCLB Conference Presentation

As we all know, charting is important when using a workshop model of teaching – even when talking about conferring.  The whole purpose of an anchor chart is to anchor, or make learning visible, for students.   I like to use anchor charts often. You might say I’m obsessed with charts.  I used a few at the conference.

If you’d like to learn more about conferring, let’s chat!




I’m so glad you’re here.  With so much at stake these days in education it’s become so clear that equipping teachers with the right tools and strategies is more important than ever.

well-equipped teachers = awesome things for students in the classroom

But how do we best equip teachers?  In the past, simply studying education in college gave you the tools you needed to be successful in the classroom.  But times have changed.  Digital literacy.  Common Core State Standards.  High stakes assessments.  RtI.  MTSS.  PLCs.  So many things…so many acronyms…so little time.  For those of us who have been in education for a while, and even for the newbies, the past several years have been filled with changes from every direction.

But seriously, how do we best equip teachers despite the changes and challenges of education today?  The answer is so clear.  With constant change there is no better way to equip teachers than with excellent support and professional development.  Not the one-day workshop approach.  I’m talking about a workshop followed up with coaching and support on implementing new things in the classroom.  Support for teachers as they try new things or improve on what they’ve already been doing.  Accountable talk with teachers and administration on how to move instruction from good to great and how to move students from proficiency to excellence.

This is not an easy task.  But it’s one that is necessary to see students achieve great things.

It’s my goal to use this site as a tool for on-going support and professional development for teachers and school districts.

Thanks for visiting today.  Hope to see you again soon!